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Military Wives
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The Last Jedi
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Services To Film is an award winning, 100% veteran owned and managed "not-for-profit" Community Interest Company which works closely with Service Charities to raise funds and provide employment opportunities for the veteran community.

Our primary roles are as a crowd agency and providing Military Advisors for film and TV. We prioritise extras with a link to the Armed Forces who are either veterans, or from current service families. However, since this can be a limited pool, we also find roles for those who do not have service connections. As such we can provide men & women from across the spectrum of ages, ethnicities and looks to any genre of production.

To date, we have provided work for over 2000 veterans and their families, with over 5000 individuals registered on our database. We also have access to a pool over over 20,000 non-military extras via the Entertainment Partners casting platform, which also enables us to operate chitless should a production wish.

Services To Film provides the film industry with a pool of reliable individuals as extras, offering veterans an invaluable source of income as they transition to civilian life, whilst also raising money for Service Charities.

We have also provided Military Advisors for major Film and TV productions including Star Wars, Fury, War Machine, Darkest Hour, Black Widow and Downton Abbey. 

In partnership with Help For Heroes and ScreenSkills, we run the VETERANS IN FOCUS charity initiative which creates employment pipeline providing retraining and industry placements and career opportunities within the film and television for veterans and service leavers. This is funded by our annual fundraising dinner which brings together leading figures from the film and TV industry and the military.


Services To Film is very proud to raise funds for Help For Heroes via our annual Fundraising Gala Dinner


If you wish to Register with us for work as an extra, please click HERE

Please use this form to contact us regarding using our services 

or email:

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